aerial view of Wynd 27 & 28


Wynwood is more than a location – it is a destination – and WYND 27 and WYND 28 sit right in the epicenter of it all.

Wynwood, situated between South Beach, Design District, and Downtown Miami, has seen an unparalleled cultural, culinary, and artistic renaissance.

WYND 27 – 129 NW 26th Street, Miami, FL, 33127
WYND 28 – 127 NW 27th Street, Miami, FL, 33127

Parking & Accessibility

WYND 27 and WYND 28 is just 10 minutes from Miami International Airport. Wynwood’s proximity to downtown Miami and easy access to I-95, I-195, and I-395 has made Wynwood a prominent location for new residential, offices and retail with 232 parking garage available for visitors and residents.

3d rendering of Wynd 27 & 28 with people

The Neighborhood

Edgy yet inviting, confident and independent, this is where Miami’s eclectic side thrives. A one-of-a-kind mix of artists, entrepreneurs, culture afficionados, and forward-thinking business have come together to create the rich mosaic that makes Wynwood one of the most popular, fastest-growing, and most desirable places in the country to live, work, and enjoy.

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yellow ferrari parked outside WynWood Block
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Girl holding a pot of flower
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colorful bakery store in Miami
basketball court at Wynd 27 & 28
aerial view of Wynd 27 & 28 parking structure

Over the past five years, attracting the greatest in street art, development, restaurants, and retail to its vibrant streets.

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